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Qiyuan Pharmaceutical's safety management results continue to show

2020-03-05 Return list

Under the background of the company's concerted efforts and vigorous efforts to ensure safety in production, the company's safety situation has improved steadily in 2019, and the safety production goals set at the beginning of the year have been fully completed. The number of injured and medical expenses of personnel have decreased by 40% and 70% respectively. %, among which 107 workshops, purchasing department and other workshop departments have achieved the top goals of zero injuries and zero medical expenses, which is indeed commendable.

The higher-level units also affirmed the safety effectiveness of our company. The Yinchuan Medical Insurance Center lowered the work-related injury payment rate based on our company's 2018-2019 work-related accident declaration and work-related injury fund payment by 33%. Work-related injuries will start in 2020. The payment ratio was reduced from 1.08% to 0.72%, the monthly per capita payment dropped by 11.17 yuan, the monthly payment dropped by about 13,000 yuan, and the annual expenditure could be saved by 156,000 yuan, and the safety liability insurance premium could also be reduced by about 5%. Economic benefits are gradually emerging.

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2019.7.2.106車間安全演練 048_wps圖片.JPG